Rudy Swanson Recreation Park

Rudy Swanson Recreation Park is located in the central area of Camrose, and has many facilities that allow people to participate in recreation and leisure activities. Situated at 53rd Street and 44 Avenue, south of 48th Avenue (Highway 13), it is easily accessed by visitors via major arterial roads.

Recreation Centre, Community Centre, and Aquatic Centre

The Recreation Centre, the Community Centre and the Aquatic Centre are the major indoor facilities in the Rudy Swanson Recreation Park area.

Kin Park

Kin Park is the major outdoor sportfield facility located on the southern part of Rudy Swanson Recreation Park. It consists of four ball diamond facilities for softball or baseball. Kin 2 diamond is equipped with bleacher seating around the infield, and field lighting. Kin 1, 2 & 3 diamonds have fully skinned shale infields, covered player shelters, and are permanently fenced around the outfield perimeter.

Harry Andreassen Diamond

Harry Andreassen Diamond is a multi-use facility on which baseball, football, and soccer can all be played. The diamond has a pitching mound that meets adult baseball standards. The diamond has a fully skinned shale infield and covered player shelters. The field is equipped with lighting for evening play. 
During the baseball season (May through July), the diamond is outlined with temporary fencing from the infield to the foul poles and around the outfield. In the fall season (August through October) the outfield fencing and foul poles are removed and football uprights are installed.

Multi-Use Sports Fields

Rudy Swanson Recreation Park is also home to six soccer pitches. Four fields are located along the northern portion of the park, with access and parking along 46th Avenue or 45th Avenue and a parking lot immediately to the north of the Max McLean Arena. Two fields are located in the eastern portion of the park and can be accessed by 45 Avenue or 44 Avenue.

Sports Fields & Courts

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