Toilet Rebate Program

The City of Camrose will once again be offering a rebate to those who replace any number of older, high volume toilets with newer, eligible low-flow models. The rebate will be $70 for one toilet; or if multiple toilets are being replaced participants will also receive a 25% rebate for the cost of each additional toilet (up to a maximum of $50 per additional toilet). This program is offered to anyone with a water account with the City of Camrose including residents, businesses, and institutions who apply within the determined time frame. For any residents outside of Camrose city limits and are connected to the Camrose water supply, please contact Camrose County or The Village of Bittern Lake directly to inquire about any toilet rebates they may offer.
The City of Camrose is offering this rebate to encourage citizens to increase their water conservation. The toilet is one of the largest water consumers in the household, attributing to nearly 30% of total indoor consumption in residential homes. It is natural that we should focus on making low-flow toilets more accessible. New technology is available within Camrose, and the City of Camrose would like to kick start this change.

When to Apply

Applications for the 2018 Toilet Rebate Program will be accepted from July 3, 2018 until September 28, 2018.


Certain conditions will apply in order to qualify for this program. Conditions of payment are:
  1. Old toilet(s) must be greater than 13 liters per flush.
  2. Applicant must provide the original sales receipt (will be returned with the rebate) dated after September 29, 2017 for the new toilet(s) which use(s) 6 liters or less per flush and appear(s) on the Approved Toilets List.
  3. Applicant must provide a photograph(s) of the old toilet(s) installed in the washroom(s) before replacement.
  4. Applicant must provide a photograph(s) of the new toilet(s) in the washroom(s) after installment.
  5. Applicant must provide evidence that the old toilet(s) have been made non-functional.

Applications for this program will be accepted until September 28, 2018. Rebates will be given out as funding is available to those who have applied before September 28, 2018, and have proof of installation of the new toilet(s) and decommissioning of the old toilet(s) before the end of October 2018.

To ensure you have given us all the needed information see the Check List.

Business-Specific Approved Toilets List