Council Strategic Planning

What is Strategic Planning?

At its simplest level, strategic planning is the process of (a) understanding where you are right now, (b) determining where you want to be in the future, and (c) planning how to get there by choosing what areas to focus on first and determining how to best use limited resources.

2018 Strategic Planning

The City of Camrose is seeking input from citizens about your priorities for the City for the next five years to create a new Strategic Plan. Please provide your feedback with this survey by February 5, 2017.  Participants can enter to win a $150 gift certificate to any business located in Camrose.

Success Stories from 2014 Public Input: Roads, Transit, and the Aquatic Centre

In 2014, the public provided an outstanding 1,200 responses to the City’s public input survey for strategic planning. The top three responses for areas to be improved were: the quality of our roads, public transit, and the Aquatic Centre.

Roads – The City has committed to improving the quality of our roads with a long-term rehabilitation plan and a $31M investment in our road infrastructure over ten years. The City made great progress in 2016-2017 and will continue this program on.

Public Transit – The City launched two programs to try to address the need for public transit in Camrose while being cognizant of cost. A Taxi Token Program was developed to provide transit options to those with financial difficulties with a subsidized taxi ride. Each token provides a $4 discount on taxi fare. The tokens are distributed by community agencies to families in need. A Community Bus route was also launched. It provides a fixed route service on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM and offers on-demand/group bookings on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Aquatic Centre – The City will be adding an attached competition lane pool and renovating the existing recreation pool to update the facility. Construction is planning for 2018 – 2019. Keep up-to-date with the Aquatic Centre’s progress by viewing the blog.
Other significant municipal projects underway include replacement of the 48th Avenue bridge (click here to view the updates on the blog) that is at the end of its life, a necessary upgrade to our wastewater treatment facility at the lagoons south of City and a replacement for the aged Public Works building
You can view the full previous 2014 – 2018 Strategic Plan here.