City Pound

The City of Camrose Dog Pound Relocation will be effective as of January 1, 2017. The pound will now be located at 46365 Range Road 201 (Long Lane Kennels). 

We do not have a Cat Bylaw and so there is no enforcement regarding cats, so the City asks that cat owners are responsible as well and do not allow them to roam and become a nuisance.

Veterinary Clinics in the City of Camrose do not take in animals. Please do not contact them or drop unwanted animals there. They provide pet care for our furry loved ones by appointments and are not a shelter. The same goes for the pet stores as they do not accept animals either.

If you have lost or have found an animal, please call the Camrose City Pound at 780.781.0533. Please include the name of the animal, a complete description and a picture (if possible).