General Tax Information

Camrose City Council approves the City’s annual operating and capital budgets in December each year. As part of this process, they consider the revenue sources available to cover expenditures. The revenue expected from provincial grants, utility revenues, and user fees is subtracted from the total expected expenditures to determine the property tax revenue needed for that year.

Tax Rate Bylaw

Each May, City Council sets the property tax rates by passing a Tax Rate Bylaw. Rates are determined by dividing the total required property tax revenue among the total taxable assessed value of city properties. There are separate rates for the following property types; residential, non-residential and farmland. Tax notices contain municipal, provincial education and lodge authority tax rates for each property type.

How Your Tax Dollars are Spent

Property taxes fund a wide variety of municipal services including fire, police, road maintenance, snow removal, parks, recreation, and culture. A portion of your property taxes are also submitted to the Province to contribute to the funding of the school system in Alberta and to fund seniors lodges. 


  • Tax Notice Sample and Guide
  • Residential Property Tax Calculator
    • Property Value x 0.0108678 = Estimated 2018 Property Taxes
  • Non-residential Property Tax Calculator
    • Property Value x .0172026 = Estimated 2018 Property Taxes

Additional Information

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