Blacksmith & Tinsmith Shop

Blacksmith and Tinsmith Shop

The building was originally built in 1953 and was just a pole shed. It was used to shelter the Case 80 horse Traction Steam Engine until 1982 when the engine was restored and placed in the RCMP building. From then it was used as a "garbage collector", it contained 4 tractors, a hayrack, and a large stack of wood for the steam engine.

After this time of storage, much clean up work was done and the building was turned into the Blacksmith Shop in the early 1990's. The wood on the walls are from the old grainaries in the area, this is called "Board and Baton" finish. The forge in it was not usable until 2005 when it was fixed up and now it is able to hold blacksmith demonstrations.

In 2007 and 2008, an addition was built onto the Blacksmith Shop which is now the Tinsmith Shop area. It houses all the tools required for tinsmithing.